🔑Xbox Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE 1 Month(RENEWAL)+EA🚀+💳

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Description 🔑Xbox Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE 1 Month(RENEWAL)+EA🚀+💳

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For payment by credit card 💳 use the payment method Freekassa --> RUB Visa or Matercard RUB (depending on your card) 🦕 can Also try the method of payment Bank card RU|UA Enot.io
🕯️ We do not ask for data from your account, you activate the subscription yourself using the code and instructions you bought (if you need help, feel free to contact us. Of course it's free for our customers).
🦸‍ After payment, you will receive an activation code for Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE for a period of 1 month and detailed activation INSTRUCTIONS that every buyer can handle. The activation code will be sent to your email IMMEDIATELY after payment. All codes are supplied by verified sources and undergo rigorous selection before sale. Opt is available - write in private messages. It is advisable to keep a video recording from the moment of purchase until the activation itself, in order to get a replacement in case of anything. EU region (Europe) 🌍 But the subscription can also be activated on any account (Even in Russia) using the detailed instructions that are included. 🛍️ This subscription is SUITABLE for renewing or converting subscriptions on a NEW or OLD account! The main thing is that at the time of product activation you do not have any valid subscriptions. Also keep in mind: these codes do not stack (i.e., you cannot buy 12 codes at once and make yourself a subscription for a year). You can activate the code every month, waiting for the end of the subscription.********************************************************
Title: Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE
Activation: Microsoft
Product Type: Activation Code
Gaming platforms: PC, XBOX
Validity period: 01.12.2022
Guarantees: Yes
🧾You need to activate the key here: https://redeem.microsoft.com (from a computer or phone).
If your account meets all the requirements and you do everything according to the instructions, you will be asked to add a payment method. 🐱‍🐉 To activate the subscription, you need to have a foreign card, as due to the sanctions, RU cards are not suitable, but we provide them to our customers completely free of charge (these are not foreign cards, you can not worry).
🚀 We will provide you with a foreign CARD for subscription activation absolutely FREE of CHARGE (If you are from Russia) 🚀 🛒 After activation, you get 4 active subscriptions that are included in the Xbox Game Pass: Ultimate
- Xbox Game Pass PC
- Xbox Game Pass (Xbox)
- Xbox Live Gold
- Ea Play
Absolutely all the advantages in one purchase!)
💬 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a new Microsoft offer that includes three subscriptions: Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and EA Play, as well as a new Xbox Game Pass subscription on PC. The library of available games is constantly updated and today it includes 333 projects, of which 253 are available on Xbox One and 108 on PC. 🪁 If an activation error occurs, you need to select the region of Germany, and also enable VPN for the country of Germany. Follow the detailed instructions that are on the page with the product you bought and you will succeed. 🧨There is no refund for this product and there cannot be, since after payment you receive an absolutely working code, which after sale loses its safety and reliability, we will not be able to re-put it up for sale and even more so guarantee its operability for a long time for another buyer, since you can activate it at any time the moment. 🏷️ You can also pick up your gift if you write a positive review, in the "GIFT CERTIFICATE" section

Additional information

🔨 Instructions before purchase (After payment you will receive another, incredibly detailed and easy-to-understand activation instruction):
1. Select and pay for the product by clicking on the "Buy now" button.
2. After payment, go to the email address that you specified at the time of purchase and find a message from "
zaplaty.com 3. Follow the hyperlink to the "Purchase Page".
4. On this page you will see the product you bought directly (code), as well as detailed instructions on how to activate it.
5. The most detailed activation instructions are located under the product you purchased in the "INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE" section.
6. If something does not work out for you, do not rush to leave negative feedback before contacting the seller. We will definitely help you with activation and will not leave you without a subscription under any circumstances.

🧰 If you encounter the error: "This code cannot be used. It was purchased in a region other than the region of your account".
Follow the detailed instructions that come with the product and you will still be able to decide.

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