Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE 2 Months + Manual + 💳CARD

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Description Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE 2 Months + Manual + 💳CARD

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🌍 This code can be activated in any region (also suitable for RUSSIA) by following the instructions that come with the kit. ⏩ After payment, you will receive an Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE activation code + Activation instructions + Bank card for activation. 🔷 The data that you receive after payment: Activation code - Bank card details, and below you will have a section "Activation instructions" 🔶 This subscription is only suitable for NEW accounts, which never had subscriptions! 💳 Especially for our customers, the store provides each customer who bought this subscription with a bank card with an EU region to activate the subscription.🔶 After activation, you get 4 active subscriptions, which are included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

- Xbox Game Pass PC
- Xbox Game Pass (Xbox)
- Xbox Live Gold
-Ea Play
Absolutely all the benefits in one purchase!)
**************************** **************************
Title: Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE
Activation: Microsoft
Product Type: Activation Code
Gaming platforms: PC, XBOX
Validity: Must be activated immediately!
Warranty: Yes
******************************************************* ******
🔷 If your account does not qualify. You can create a new account to which you will activate your code. After that, you will be able to provide this subscription for your main account through synchronization. Synchronization is very simple, after activating the subscription, write to the chat and we will provide you with instructions. 🔷 To activate the key, the region of your account must be one of the list below (but we advise you to put America, the least problems): Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden , Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA. 🔶 You can collect your gift if you write a positive review in the "GIFT CERTIFICATE" section < attention> 🚀 After payment, under the product you received, you will have a window "Activation Instructions", there will be detailed instructions for activating this product.🧾You need to activate the key here: .com
To activate the key, you need to add a card, when the key is activated, the card will be checked. After activation, simply delete the card.

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  • Все отлично работает. Код предоставлен мгновенно
  • Не действительная карта
  • Все ок
  • Все ок
  • Работает
  • Активация заняла 5 минут, была небольшая проблема, но продавец ответил моментально. Спасибо ему большое!
  • Всё отлично, спасибо)
  • Все круто Спасибо!
  • Все круто, подписку активировал быстро