What are the main stages of personnel policy

Task 1

Question 1: What are the main stages of human resources policy?

1. The cross-cutting and sector;

2. The methodological and applied;

3. The national and intraproductive;

4. early and direct training;

5. there is no right answer.

Question 2. What are the particular processes are integrated into the management process?

1. planning;

2. Organization;

3. regulation;

4. control, accounting;

5. all of the above.

Question 3: Who is the subjects of human resource management?

1. Line management personnel;

2. a functional unit;

3. The director of the company;

4. Line management personnel, a functional unit;

5. The head of the personnel department.

Question 4. Who can be attributed to the project management staff?

1. The individual employee;

2. unit (group);

3. The line manager;

4. The function of the head;

5. there is no right answer.

Question 5. What is subordinate to the chief engineer?

1. The Human Resources Department;

2. institutions;

3. safety department;

4. farms;

5. militarized security.

Task 2

Question 1. What is the basic structural unit of the organization to address governance issues?

1. safety department;

2. Department of organization of labor and wages;

3. Department of the organization of production and management;

4. Human Resources Department;

5. Legal.

Question 2. What are the structural units subordinated to the Deputy Director of Human Resources?

1. safety department, the personnel department;

2. health and safety department, personnel department, the organization of labor and wages;

3. The personnel department, training, militarized security;

4. Legal Department, Human Resources Department;

5. medical institutions, farm.

Question 3. What groups of factors have an impact on people in the organization?

1. The laws and rules;

2. motivation, discipline;

3. The market, culture, structure;

4. finance, manufacturing;

5. there is no right answer.

Question 4. The hierarchical structure - the ratio ...

1. Head - Head;

2. The functions - tasks;

3. Vlas
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