🧨War Thunder - Set Su-39 Xbox Activation + Gift🎁

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Before buying, be sure to read the product description and read the instructions at the very bottom. After payment, you will receive a unique code that you need to inform the seller in the correspondence on the order.
You will also need to provide login information to your Microsoft account (xbox) https://login.live.com (mail and password).
You can find the order you need here https://oplata.info by clicking on the order go down until you see the correspondence with the seller.

After payment, you will instantly receive the activation of 🔥War Thunder - Su-39 Kit to your Microsoft (xbox) account!

✅ The game is forever associated with your Microsoft account!
🌎 You can download the game in any region and at any time, with all available languages!

This set includes:
✅ Su-39 (Rank 7, USSR);
✅ 2500 Golden Eagles;
✅ 20 days Premium account.

Su-39 is an export version of the modernized turbojet, twin-engine, single-seat strike aircraft Su-25TM. The standard built-in armament of the aircraft is represented by a 30-mm double-barreled gun GSh-30-2. Various options can be used as suspended weapons, including: up to two R-60M air-to-air guided missiles, up to two Kh-29L/T air-to-surface guided missiles, up to four Kh-25ML or up to sixteen 9K127 Whirlwind, S-24B, S-130F, S-8KO and S25 unguided rockets in various modifications, ZB-500 incendiary tanks, KAB-500Kr guided bombs, 100, 250 and 500 kg bombs and 250 and 500 caliber assault bombs kg. Additionally, the Su-39 can carry up to four pods with 23mm GSh-23L cannons. Also, it is possible to install a container with a low-level television surveillance and sighting station "Mercury", which allows the use of weapons both in the daytime and at night, but with a range limitation, or a container with a Spear-25 radar. As a countermeasure against radar guidance systems, the Su-39 is equipped with decoys and chaff.

All premium vehicles will allow you to earn more research points and Silver Lions, and have all available upgrades right away.

Premium Account is a subscription purchased in-game with Golden Eagles. It allows you to earn more research points and Silver Lions in battles for a certain number of days. The increase is cumulative with premium vehicle bonuses!

You can collect your gift if you write a positive review in the section "GIFT CERTIFICATE"

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Activation takes place on an Xbox account
After payment Execution UNIQUE CODE (https://oplata.info/info/). It, along with the mail and password from the Microsoft account, must be reported to the operator in the "Correspondence with the seller" section.
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