🟢War Thunder - Aigle Xbox Pack Activation + Gift🎁

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Before buying, be sure to read the product description and read the instructions at the very bottom. After payment, you will receive a unique code that you need to inform the seller in the correspondence on the order.
You will also need to provide login information to your Microsoft account (xbox) https://login.live.com (mail and password).
You can find the order you need here https://oplata.info by clicking on the order go down until you see the correspondence with the seller.

After payment, you will instantly receive the activation of 🔥War Thunder - Aigle Pack to your Microsoft (xbox) account!

✅ The game is forever associated with your Microsoft account!
🌎 You can download the game in any region and at any time, with all available languages!

This set includes:
✅ Aigle-class C, Aigle 1942 (Rank 2, France);
✅ 1000 Golden Eagles;
✅ 7 days Premium account.

Aigle is the leader of the French Navy destroyers built under the 1927 program. In March 1940, he escorted the heavy cruiser Algérie and the battleship Bretagne from Toulon to Halifax, carrying gold to Canada. In June 1940 he participated in the bombing of Genoa. Subsequently disarmed and put into reserve. The maximum speed of this ship is 36 knots (66 km/h). Aigle is armed with five 138.6 mm guns in open turret mounts, four 37 mm guns and one twin 37 mm mount, two twin 13.2 mm machine guns and six 550 mm torpedoes in two torpedo tubes mounted along the central ship axles.

All premium vehicles will allow you to earn more research points and Silver Lions, and have all available upgrades right away.

Premium Account is a subscription purchased in-game with Golden Eagles. It allows you to earn more research points and Silver Lions in battles for a certain number of days. The increase is cumulative with premium vehicle bonuses!

You can collect your gift if you write a positive review in the section "GIFT CERTIFICATE"

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Activation takes place on an Xbox account
After payment Execution UNIQUE CODE (https://oplata.info/info/). It, along with the mail and password from the Microsoft account, must be reported to the operator in the "Correspondence with the seller" section.
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