✅US Bank 5-1000$ Visa Prepaid ⚡️US MERCHANTS⚡️ PRICE✅

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Description ✅US Bank 5-1000$ Visa Prepaid ⚡️US MERCHANTS⚡️ PRICE✅

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✅Reliable seller since 2008 (see profile creation date).
🥇The highest rating of all sellers in this section.
🔥Accumulative discount system up to 10, a progressive discount is assigned after the first purchase.

VISA VIRTUAL (US BANK) with any balance.
Attention! 3D Secure is not connected to the card, no confirmations or SMS with a code are required when making transactions with the card!
This card is issued by AMERICAN BANK (USA). The card is aimed primarily at US merchants, as well as other services whose transactions go through the US (check with your service in advance). There are no guarantees of its patency in services outside the United States.

If you need a card to pay in a non-American service, we recommend that you pay attention to our European bank cards:


- For all transactions, use a VPN with a US IP address.
- When paying by card, please use any valid US address. Also indicate any name (for example, your own - in Latin).
- Make sure that you make the payment in US dollars: the final amount of the payment must be indicated exactly in dollars.
- Find out in advance whether your service accepts virtual prepaid cards (Visa Prepaid).
- Make sure that in your service, in the account settings, the country is set to the USA. If another country is listed, change it to the United States. If this is not possible, we recommend that you create a new account with a US address.
- To avoid adding to your final payment, use addresses in the tax-exempt US states of Delaware and Montana.
- Provide in advance alternate ways of spending the purchased card, if it is not accepted on your site.
- Link the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and pay through them if your service supports this type of payment.
- It is recommended to buy a card with a reserve of a few dollars (minimum 1) in case of prior authorization of the card by the service where you use it, possible hidden fees or other surprises.
List of services where successful payments with these cards have ALREADY been made (updated):

✔️The cards work with Apple Pay and Google Pay (the country in these accounts must be USA). You can link the card to these payment systems and pay for purchases both online and offline.

⚠️WARNING! The guaranteed period of validity of these cards is 1 MONTH from the date of purchase, regardless of the validity period in its details. Further, the card is not serviced, the statement is not provided, the balance is not returned, claims are not accepted. By making a purchase, you agree to all the terms, be careful!

🕑 Issuance of cards and tech. support is provided every day from 10-00 to 22-00 Moscow time, delays are possible on weekends and holidays.

Additional information

1 - Specify the desired card balance - the "VISA (USD)" field.
2 - Pay in a convenient way.
3 - In the window that opens, check the box "Yes, I want to immediately send a unique code to the seller", then click "Save".
4 - Expect delivery (when ordering during the day - usually within 1 hour, at night - in the morning. Guaranteed delivery time - 8 hours).

Bank: US
Card recharge: NO
3D Secure Technology: NO
Currency Conversion: NO
Balance Refund: NO
Statement and balance: YES (free of charge, contact us)

Visa Virtual (US Bank) ready for instant purchase:
$5 https://zaplaty.com/itm/638009
$10 https://zaplaty.com/itm/672117
$15 https://zaplaty.com/itm/679333
$20 https://zaplaty.com/itm/679337
$25 https://zaplaty.com/itm/679339
$30 https://zaplaty.com/itm/679341
$40 https://zaplaty.com/itm/689186
$50 https://zaplaty.com/itm/992598
$75 https://zaplaty.com/itm/992600
$100 https://zaplaty.com/itm/992599

We offer the best prices combined with the reliability of the transaction. Long-term reputation of a reliable seller, more than 13 years on the site.

Full list of all denominations:

Thank you for using our service :)

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