Unity3d client server.MMORPG. ver.3

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Unity3D version in which the development of: Unity 3D Pro 4.0.0 f7 x86

The recommended version of Visual Studio 2012

Great start to create your own ONLINE GAMES !!!

The third version. Unity3d client-server. MMO RPG. MySQL. Creating characters.

If you enter the login and password will send request to the server to check their database. If correct go and displays a list of characters on your account. Implemented system creating and deleting characters.

Some new features:

Fix flaws

Improved logic of the client

Optimized code server

Added handling and notification of errors (wrong username or password, the server is not available, etc.)

Implemented the entrance to the "game" (added to the scene Game).

Upon entering the game is instantiated, the chosen in the account, the character.

Added script MovePlayer.cs, he is responsible for the movement of the character models.

Added a script to control the camera (camera realzovanna on the principle of popular MMO RPG)

Added a script that allows you to create "seamless" worlds. It performs dynamic podgruzku terrain`a

Realzovano display of models other players

Realzovano mapping movement patterns of other players

Realizovanna "lagokompensatsya" and synchronization. This is required because of the different ping players.

Realzovano display rotation models of other players

It implemented a "range of vision".

To implement the removal of the character models for the radius of the review.

For the convenience of individual development at the moment are displayed, even those characters that offline. So clearly seen the script.

However, the database has a column `online`. His work has realizovanna (the column lines change their value depending on whether the game character enters or leaves).



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