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AUTOMATIC DELIVERY 24/7 (even during non-working hours)
As soon as your payment is processed, you will be redirected to the bot page. If the redirection did not happen automatically, go to the order page and click Receive Products. After opening the page, the bot will send you a friend request. Please accept it within 5 minutes, and the bot will instantly send the game.
To find a link to a profile, go to your profile and copy the link from the address bar. Enter this link in the specified field on this order page to receive the game automatically from the bot.
Region: Russia
This is a Steam gift for Steam accounts registered in the region indicated on this page.

You must have a Steam account from the required country. Using only a VPN with an account from another region will not allow you to receive a gift. The currency on your account must match the currency of the required country.
How to activate a gift on Steam:
1. Download and install the Steam client -
2. Register a new account or log in under an existing one.
3. Copy the link to your Steam profile to the specified field when purchasing the game.
4. Expect an invitation to friends from the bot and accept it.
5. When you receive a notification that a gift has been sent to you, accept it.
6. After adding the game to the library, the download will start, wait until the download is completed.
7. Enjoy the game!
Please note:

If you make a mistake when specifying a link to your profile or there is a technical problem or you do not accept the request at the specified time, we will have to manually send the gift.