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✅ I will register the game SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2 (PS4, PS5) to YOUR Turkish account (PS5/PS4)

📜 Game information:
Russian voice acting: ❌
Russian subtitles: ✅
PS4 version: ✅
PS5 version: ✅

❗️ No Turkish account? I will help you create it 👉 https://zaplaty.com/itm/4060018

Why contact me?
- I live in Turkey
- Personal Turkish bank card (they won't block it for sure!)
- I respond promptly
- An adequate price

How do I purchase the game?
1) Select the desired version of the game
2) Make a payment by choosing a convenient method
3) On the page where you will be transferred after payment (https://oplata.info/info /) you need to inform the seller at the bottom of the unique code (which you received after payment), the username and password from your Turkish account (If there is no account, I will help you create it).
4) Wait for the order to be completed
5) When the seller informs you that the order has been completed, log in to the Turkish account, find the game in the "Library" and put it on download. (You will be able to play on your main account, prizes and achievements will be there too!)
7) Confirm the order and leave a pleasant review

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Any other questions? Write in the chat from above!
⏰ The order is placed within 5-10 minutes after the data is provided.
The working day is from 10:00 to 22:00 Moscow time, if the payment was made at night, then wait for the morning and I will do everything for you!!!

💵 We issue a refund with a deduction of 20% of the purchase amount (in cases if the problem is not on our part)