Solution of the D1 in 71 reshebnik termehu Targ SM 1982

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Meeting the challenge of D1 Option 71 Reshebnik on theoretical mechanics to Taskbook Targ SM 1982.
Subject objectives D1 - complex motion of a point.
Check the condition of the task D1 (Pages 50-53, zadachnik Targ SM 1982):
Cargo weight D m, A received at an initial speed v0 is moving in a curved pipe AVS situated in a vertical plane; pipe sections, or both slope, or one horizontal and one inclined (Figure D1.0 -. D1.9, Table D1.).
In the AB portion of the cargo except gravity constant force Q (its direction is shown in the figures) and the strength of the medium resistance R, depending on the speed v load (directed against the motion); friction load on the pipe on the AB area neglected.
At the point in Georgia will not change its speed, moves to BC portion of the pipe, where it except gravity acting frictional force (a tube f = 0,2 load the coefficient of friction), and a variable power of the F, Fx whose projection on the x-axis is defined in table.
Considering the load of the material point and knowing the distance AB = l and the time t1 the movement of cargo from point A to point B, to find the law of cargo movement at the site the sun, that is. E. X = f (t), where x = BD.
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