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Solasta: Crown of the Magister was created by passionate fans of tabletop role-playing games who have been playing them for many years. Roll initiative, make attacks of opportunity, keep track of where heroes stand on the battlefield, and don't forget that being on high ground gives you an advantage. Be prepared for merciless blows and sudden 20s that fall during the most intense moments of battles.​

In Solasta, you control four heroes, each with a unique set of skills designed to complement each other. Each character shares their thoughts about what is happening during the adventure, thereby making every choice and every action part of the story. Players create their characters in the same way as in a board game, choosing their race, class, personality and assigning randomly generated characteristics.​

The choice is yours; your fate is decided by the roll of the dice.



A legendary adventure for your squad
- Discover the shattered world of Solasta: explore ruins and dungeons in search of legendary treasures, discover the truth about the causes of the ancient cataclysm - and prevent its reoccurrence.
- Create your own party of adventurers using a special set of tools in the best traditions of tabletop role-playing games. Breathe life into your characters and see how their personalities change their dialogue. Choose your squad to implement your favorite strategy and get the most out of its members' skills. Everything depends on you.

Discover a mysterious and changing world
- Explore long-forgotten dungeons in search of ancient artifacts, but beware of the darkness and be careful of the light: the darkness hides countless dangers, but the light attracts monsters. Some monsters see in the dark as if it were day, others run from the flames of torches... Experienced adventurers know how to take advantage of this.
- Fight back the monsters with the help of your squad members in turn-based tactical battles. The dynamic environment of Solasta allows you to use unusual tactics in battles. Bridges can collapse, catching enemies off guard and leaving them vulnerable. Columns and walls can be pushed and made to fall on enemies' heads if the timing is right. The world is full of possibilities.

Get ready to think in three dimensions
- Solasta's dungeons are not just flat areas. Climb, jump or fly over obstacles. Avoid or ambush your enemies from the air or from under their feet. Push enemies into abysses or drop stones on their heads. Occupy high ground to gain a strategic advantage in battle.
- Size matters. Retreat into narrow corridors where large enemies cannot squeeze through, and explore low tunnels to find hidden rooms. Take advantage of the surroundings to find shelter that suits your height. But beware - your opponents can also turn your size against you.

Dungeon Creator
- In the world of Solasta, adventures do not end after completing the story campaign. Get inspired and create your own dungeon with the Dungeon Creator Toolkit! It depends only on you what players will encounter in it - from the location of rooms, enemies and treasures to decorations and light sources in each room or sound in each section of this labyrinth.

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