SnowRunner - Season 4: New Frontiers Xbox One/Series 🔑

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Description SnowRunner - Season 4: New Frontiers Xbox One/Series 🔑

After payment, you will receive a digital license key to download the SnowRunner - Season 4: New Frontiers add-on for the SnowRunner game.

If you need other add-ons for this game, write to us in the chat.

Expand the capabilities of SnowRunner with the New Frontiers update — the largest to date and the latest included in the first year's season pass.

Restore roads, heat pipelines and buildings to give a second life to the old cosmodrome in the Amur region, a new winter region consisting of 4 maps with an area of 4 square kilometers each. You can even deliver the rocket to the launch pad yourself.

The New Frontiers update is included in the season pass of the first year and the Premium Edition, but it can also be purchased separately.

The update includes:
• The new main goal is the restoration of the old Soviet launch complex.
• 4 large-scale maps in the Amur region, the new winter region
• Two new cars — ZiKZ 605-R and Khan 317 Sentinel.
• New fixtures.
• New exclusive cosmetic rewards such as coloring and stickers for cars

1)Activation region Turkey (requires VPN).
2) After activating the key, the game can be installed in any region.
3) The game remains on your profile forever.

Activation instructions from the phone:

1. Install the Hola Free VPN Proxy application.
2. Launch it, select a browser and download from the desired country.
3. Follow the link 4. Log in to your account
5. Enter the key, activate, log in to the console and install.

If you can't figure out how to activate it, write to us, we will help.


If you have problems with the key, write to us in the correspondence to the product or in the chat and wait for an answer.
The return of the key for the reasons "bought the wrong game" "could not activate" or "did not read the description" "did not wait for your answer and bought from another seller" is not made

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  • Все ок. Установил без проблем
  • Все отлично
  • Активация прошла успешно. Би проблемы с установкой дополнений, продавец оперативно выходил на связь.