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🔥 After payment, you will instantly and automatically receive the 🔑key: Shukuchi Ninja. 🔥
🗝️You will receive the key in your personal account at www.oplata.info
📧A link to the product page and instructions will be sent to your email address provided at purchase.Supported Platforms:
✅Xbox One🎮💥
✅Xbox Series S|X🎮🔥 (Optimized)
📦Type: Game
🎭Genre: Action & adventure
🗓️release date: 31.03.2023 | 💾Size: 600.9 МБ
👨‍💻🛠️👩‍💻Developer: Fossilized Games
✅ This product remains within your Microsoft account!
✅ After activating the key, the product will be accessible from any region.
🌏For successful activation, your IP address must match the key's region.🌏💡You will receive all the tools for successful activation, as well as very detailed instructions📚📱💻Pre-activation overview using phone or computer:
1️⃣. ⚠️Go to account.microsoft.com/profile and set the region indicated with the key.⚠️
2️⃣. ❗Your IP address must match the key's region.
3️⃣. 🔗Go to redeem.microsoft.com and activate the key
4️⃣. 🤔If you encounter an activation error - carefully read the 🗒️️'USAGE INSTRUCTIONS'🗒️️on your order page
5️⃣. 📥Ready to download, enjoy your purchase.
🚨If after successful activation the desired product does not appear in your library, then you need to go to your console settings and change the region to the one indicated with the key. Then go to the store, find the product, and instead of 'buy' button, you will have 'install'
💬We are confident you can handle this, but if any problems arise, we are always ready to help!🤗🤝Only here can you buy keys without intermediaries at a favorable price.
💰Discounts are included for all subsequent purchases💵
📜Detailed product description:
Shukuchi Ninja is a fast-paced, high intensity game with unique controls.

🌟 Common activation errors and their solutions you may encounter:
❌ 'This code cannot be used...' - Your IP address does not match the key's region.
🔍 'Unable to find this product. This code is already invalid' - Change the account's region to the key's region.
🧩If for any reason you cannot or do not want to activate the key on your account, we can do it for you! Simply use this service:
📌If you purchase this product by mistake - I will not be able to issue a refund, as you already know the code.📌