RU+CIS ☑️⭐Hogwarts Legacy DELUXE EDITION Steam

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Description RU+CIS ☑️⭐Hogwarts Legacy DELUXE EDITION Steam

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❗❗The most reliable offer on the market, a large number of reviews and the opinions of people who trusted me will not let you lie, trusting me - you invest in a quality service (at the time of writing, Hogwarts Legacy received more than ✔️❗900❗✔️ people in total from me two editions), orders are fulfilled quickly and everyone was satisfied❗❗

⌚Working time: 11:00 (am) - 3:00 (night) Moscow time (MSK)⌚ - I complete the order in 5-10 minutes✔️
If you pay at night or in the morning, I'll do it during working hours (if you're too lazy to wait for me, you can just turn off the guard on Steam and leave the payment code and login with a password in the chat)✔️

❗❗The cheapest ways are the first two, they have 💳 0% commission when paying by cards and SBP❗❗

🔥 If you want to play on STEAM 🔥
If the region is 🌏Kazakhstan or 🌏Ukraine = I give the game as a GIFT🎁,
❤️If it’s 🌏RUSSIA or 🌏BELARUS, then I can offer = I LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT, change the region and give a gift❤️ (safe)

How is the whole process going?
☑️Pay the lot☑️
☑️I donate the game or change the region and donate the game☑️
☑️You are checking for a game☑️

For any questions - write, I will be happy to answer

⭐Discounts for regular customers and their friends⭐

FAQ for those who currently have 🌏Russia or 🌏Belarus on Steam:
❓ Login to my account❓
🔹Yes, it is necessary

❓Changing region❓
🔹Yes, without this, there is no way, I will change the region for you, but NOTHING will change for you:

🔹🔹Everything will be 100% the same, only the currency in the store is different✔️
🔹🔹The game will be available ✔️
🔹🔹VPN/Proxy and other you don't have to use✔️
🔹🔹The game will be in Russian and available in its entirety, like all the games that have been bought before✔️

❓Guarantees that the account will not be hijacked/stolen❓
🔹You can see the comments on this lot or I have other lots in my profile, everyone is happy, no one has had problems yet, I have an impeccable reputation for quite an impressive amount of time

❓Do I need to disable STEAM GUARD❓
🔹In general, if it's easy for you, it will be easier, but if you don't want to or you're too lazy, then just give the code when I log in

❓After the change, will I put it back 🌏Russia/Belarus or when it will be possible to deliver it❓
🔹Steam has a restriction on changing the region once every 3 months, i.е. 3 months after purchase, you can return
🌏Russia/Belarus, but I do not recommend doing this, because most of the new games (and old ones)
like donations, they are banned from the regions of Steam🌏Russia or 🌏Belarus

❓How to buy goods from me❓

🔹🔹Pay in any convenient way✔️
🔹🔹On the order page, a chat will open for you, drop a unique code there. what will you get after payment✔️
🔹🔹There you also drop your login and password (if you have Russia or Belarus on Steam) or a link to your account (if Kazakhstan, Ukraine)✔️

❗❗❗ If you did not read the description or paid by accident or any return initiated through your fault - then the return comes with a 20% deduction, if suddenly the fault is on me, then the funds will not be withheld (i.e. get back the full cost ) ❗❗❗

Feedbacks of meleeme

  • Три месяца сомнений по поводу перевода аккаунта на другой регион, но хогвартс сделал свое дело и не зря. Все супер оперативно, огромное спасибо продавцу
  • 2я покупка через данного продавца. Заказ обработан в течение 10 минут
  • Все отлично и быстро, достойный продавец, берите не пожалеете.
  • Советую! Всё быстро и без обмана. Буквально за 5 минут все оформили) Конечно, я продавца заколебал наверное) НО ОНО ТОГО СТОИЛО!
  • Очень хороший продавец все понятно и просто)
  • все прошло быстро и качественно!рекомендую)
  • Все получилось
  • Все прошло быстро, продавец супер!)
  • Сделка прошла максимально быстро и качественно, рекомендую этого продавца. Ответил после оплаты в считанные секунды, что не может не радовать) Спасибо еще раз, обеспечил меня подарком на ДР)
  • Все отлично, за 5 минут заказ выполнен