🔴 PC Building Simulator 2 ✅ EPIC GAMES 🔴 (PC)

🔴 Attention, you can only buy the PC Building Simulator 2 game on the Epic Games platform, the region of your Epic Games account must be Turkey🔴 We work FAST, we will not keep you waiting long (if we are online )🔴 What if my region is different?
Don't worry, we will help you with this! IMPORTANT, the region can be changed once every 6 months. Or you can just make a new account.
• Send a 16-digit code after purchase via chat.
• Send login and password from your EPIC GAMES account.
• Wait for the operator's response.
⚠️ Refunds for services not provided are subject to a 20% commission deduction in case the problem is not on our part. If the problem is on our side, you get 100% of the funds you spent.