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What is:
1 - Register - Login.
2 - Garrison (It has order in which you kill monsters and get rewards is the "experience and equipment" Every assignment has its own level, that is, during the registration there is only one instruction of the first level, as soon as the player receives a new level now and open a new order. with new monsters, the monsters drop ramdomnym, the greater the level of instruction the more monsters and more on the attack and life)
3 - Dark Forest (It is possible to bring down the monsters endlessly Since the garrison of the performance of the assignment is a time limit of course in the dark forest provides more experience, but the fall in equipment ramnome...)
4 - Upper Watch (It just killing monsters, and when the reward you get 3 chests Chest About write below if you've got the chests you can get them again after 12 hours...)
5 - Arena (Once a player enters the arena it automatically appears in anticipation of the enemy, as well, and all the players are fighting in the arena, if a player left the arena and had to bid for the fight, he will see it on any page of the game)
6 - Quests
Jeweler: Requests to exchange N number of gems and get a reward of rubies
Garrison: Requests to kill N number of monsters, and you get a reward of rubies
Enchantress: Requests to create N number of scrolls and get a reward of rubies
Watch: please go to N number of times, and you get a reward of rubies
Smith: Requests to create N number of things, and you get a reward of rubies

--- Immediately when performing any of these tasks increases the level 5 which increases the number of H and a reward for the performance)
--- These jobs I have invented myself)))
7 - Training (in training to improve their response in time, if a player wants to pump faster then spend rubies
What characteristics are:
1 - Attack
2 - Vitality
3 - Regeneration
4 - The ability to "shield"
5 - Ability to "Rage"
On their description will be lower
8 - Jeweller (Gem exchanged with H level on the above, there are two sections on one exchange and trade all at once)
9 - The Enchantress (Creates rolls, each roll has as its level, the higher the level the more time it is created)
10 - The merchant (I have not done it but the meaning write, he puts things on sale at the colors of rubies, things can be better than a player gets in the garrison)
11 - Smith (Smith produces a new purple thing with the stochastic characteristics of the 6 gems of the same level of things is the level gems Sometimes the blacksmith can produce orange or red to orange thing 1/10 chance, a chance for the red 1/100....)
12 - Master Portal (Portal Master can open the door to the secret world of Open portal can be a gem, the higher the level of gem the better characteristics of things and more experience.)
13 -. Brotherhood (1000 Creating fraternity rubies Brotherhood enhances the player experience obtained Invite players in the fraternity is possible only after 19 levels, each fraternity there is a limit of 25 players..
There are dragons, 6 pieces, after the first victory over the dragon, players can kill the next but he was stronger than the previous one, to kill the dragon may all who are in this brotherhood, for the murder of the dragon get experience and 3 casket, experience is considered from the resulting damage to the dragon.
There is also a chat in the fraternities and the treasury. Treasury is still in development.)
14 - Chat
15 - Forum
16 - Mail
17 - Ranking of players (
1 - Rating Bonus
2 - Rating attack
3 - Rating resistance
4 - Rating regeneration
18 - Elixir (In battle the player can use it to restore health)
19 - Shield (Also can be used in battle to block the blow monsters Shield can be pumped in training)
20 - Rage (Increases the damage done hero Rage can be pumped in training)
21 - Double Impact (Increases punch the opponent in 2 times, but with a limit of 3 seconds)
22 - Regeneration (. Increases the life of the player if he is less than expected, 1 x 1 sec can be pumped in training)
23 - Character
1 - There is an avatar which shows what a thing is wearing.
2 - Displays experience
3 - In what brotherhood is and what his position
4 - Equipment:
1 - The list of things that a player put
2 - Backpack - 20 items limit, if more than the player or parses thing on gems or carries them in a wardrobe)
3 - cabinet used to store items if the player does not want to disassemble. Just limit 20
4 - Gems: Gems output list, the number and level of
5 - Scrolls force: Displays the list of scrolls, the number and level of
6 - Caskets: Open the list of caskets and keys, if there is no key to the casket is open it is possible for rubies, if you have the key to open it for free. The opening price of the casket of rubies level * 2, Caskets can be obtained by performing assignments in Garrison, for the murder of the Dragon (the Brotherhood), for the passage of the Watch.
24 - Purchase ruby (via SMS SMSBILL> COM> UA, where you can buy 3 keys, chests, if the player purchased the currency may see your purchases)
25 - character level (level 200)
26 - Monster (Monster 93)

In yet everything I will build upon.
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