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⠀After payment, the process of activating the product to your account will begin
⏱️ Auto delivery occurs through a bot and takes on average no more than 3 minutes
⠀In very rare cases, delivery may be delayed

This is not the key. The game is sent as a gift. To get the game you must have a Russian account. The country of Russia must be specified on the page in the account settings and the account currency must be Russian rubles. If you have a different country listed on this page, you will not be able to get the game.

You can view the game languages on the game page on Steam before purchasing from us. Not all games have Russian language, be careful!

📌 How to get a link to your account?

1. If you are using the Steam application:
▪️ Click on your account name in the upper right corner, then “my profile”, after opening your profile, right-click on any free space on the page to open the context menu and select “copy page address”. This is the link to your Steam account profile.

2. If you are using a browser:
▪️ Log in to your Steam account. In the upper right corner, after clicking on your account name, select "my profile". After the transition, copy the link from the address bar of your browser.
The link should be like:

📌 You cannot save the game to your inventory or transfer it. If you want to buy a game as a gift, provide a link to the recipient's profile. Remember that you must accept the bot's invitation to deliver the game.

About returns
⠀> Item received - No return possible
⠀> Item not received
⠀⠀• Our fault - Full refund
⠀⠀• Your fault - Refund with 20% commission