K4 Solution At 05, reshebnik termehu Targ SM 1982

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Meeting the challenge of K4 Version 05 of Reshebnik on theoretical mechanics to Taskbook Targ SM 1982.
Subject K4 task - complex motion of a point.
Check the condition of the task K4 (Pages 44-49, zadachnik Targ SM 1982):
A rectangular plate (Fig K4.0 -. K4.4) or round plate of radius R = 60 cm (Fig K4.5 -. K4.9) rotates about a fixed axis by law φ = f1 (t), given in the Table. K4. The positive direction of the reference angle φ shown in the figures arc arrow. Fig. 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, the axis of rotation perpendicular to the plane of the plate and passes through the point (plate rotates in its own plane); Fig. 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 OO1 rotation axis lies in the plane of the plate (plate rotates in space)
At the plate along the line BD (. Figure 0-4) or a circle of radius R (. Figure 5-9) moves the point M; .. Law its relative motion, ie the relationship s = AM = f2 (t) (s expressed in centimeters, t - in seconds) specified in the table for Fig separately. 0-4 and Fig. 5-9; ibid given dimensions b and l. Figures point M is shown in a position in which the AM s => 0 (if s <0, the point M is on the other side of the point A).
Find the absolute speed and the absolute acceleration of the point M at time t1 = 1 sec.
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