Is it right in your view is a view that

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Description Is it right in your view is a view that

Task 1

Question 1. Is in your opinion the view that:

1. The right to social security - is one of the branches of Russian law.

2. The right to social security - is one of the components of the Labour Law.

3. social security law regulates the pensions and benefits.

4. The social security law regulates social relations, setting the size of pensions and benefits.

5. Other.

Question 2. The pension for years of service (select the wrong answer):

1) is set to the retirement pension.

2) shall not be paid during the period of the civil service, which gives the right to this pension.

3) it is fundamentally different from normal retirement pension.

4) does not differ fundamentally from the usual retirement pension.

5) All answers are correct.

Question 3. The adjustment of the base part of labor pension is happening:

1) every three months.

2) every six months.

3) once a year, usually from 1 July.

4) once a year, usually on 1 January.

5) once in two years, as a rule, from 1 September.

Question 4. In accordance with the Federal Law "On labor pensions" in a mixed insurance period includes the following periods (select the wrong answer):

1) The periods of work and (or) other socially useful activities, which were carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation, the insured persons in accordance with the pension legislation.

2) other periods of work and (or) other socially useful activity should be counted in the insurance period in cases provided by federal laws and international treaties of the Russian Federation, or in cases of payment of insurance premiums to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation on a voluntary basis.

3) other periods of activity to be included in the insurance period in accordance with Art. 11 of the Federal Law "On labor pensions".

4) during the withdrawal of one of the parents for each child under the age of fifteen years but not more than 3 years in total, the period of care exercised by able-bodied person over a disabled group I, a disabled child or a person who has reached

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