Information systems in the economy. Practical work Пере

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Collection of case studies on discipline "Information systems in economy"

Exercise 1.
What are the communication of information in corporate systems?

Task 2.
What is the role of the user in the creation of IP (IT) and setting management objectives?

Task 3.
Give the concept of a data bank, its structure, databases, models.

Task 4.
Give the concept of software ARM.

Task 5.
What is the integrated information technology?

Task 6.
Tell us about the problems of management and their implementation based on the company's IT.

Task 7.
Describe the features of economic information.

Task 8.
Give the concept of automated information technology and determine its tasks.

Task 9.
What is the role and place of ARM in the automated information technology?

Task 10.
Describe the architecture and main components of networks.

Task 11.
What are the stages of technological processing of accounting in a small business.

Task 12.
Describe the steps for the development of expert systems.
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