IE RFEI Macroeconomics 100 questions

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Final exam RFEI Macroeconomics 100 questions.

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Questions for verification:
1. What can not be attributed to the objects of the macroeconomic research:

a) mass dismissals of miners due to the reduction in coal production;

b) reduction of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank in order to stimulate the economy;

c) construction of a model of balance of aggregate demand and aggregate balance.

2. The specific methods of macroeconomic research is:

a) analysis;

b) abstract method;

c) aggregation method.

3. aggregated values \u200b\u200binclude:

a) oil production in the country;

b) gross domestic product;

c) the price of electricity.

20. Type of competition when the market there are several large companies producing both heterogeneous (vehicles, whether aircraft) and homogeneous (metal) products, the entry of new firms in a particular sector of the market is difficult, there is a mutual dependence of firms in decision making the prices of their products - is:

a) perfect competition;

b) an oligopoly;

c) monopolistic competition.

34. Which configuration aggregate supply curve Keynesians insist:

a) a line parallel to the x-axis;

b) a line parallel to the axis OY;

c) line with a negative slope.

73. Money supply - is:

a) The collection of cash;

b) the aggregate of all means of payment in circulation;

c) the collection of all funds held by the Bank of Russia.

99. The set of all relations arising between subjects of currency transactions - is:

a) Currency Exchange;

b) the quote currency;

c) the foreign exchange market.

100. The basic course of the currency market, which takes place on the settlement of the current trade and non-trade operations - is:

a) the bid;

b) the rate of the buyer;

c) the course "spot".