GGG0012 GOOSE SD.07 practice valuation Property-ti

If the total amount of your purchases from the seller kerzhaev more than:
- 30 $ the discount is 12%
- 15 $ the discount is 5%
- 5 $ the discount is 1%

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SD07 practice of valuation of real estate GOOSE

Test task number 31

On a plot of land 30 meters wide (along the street) and a depth of 30 meters is a shop located in a good condition. From the data of several recent sales of vacant land in the same area, it is known that the land can be sold with the same purpose (for the construction of the store) at a price of 1 600 000 CU for the fron-tal meter. Prices for comparable stores are in the range of 70 million MU up to 75 million CU Determine the value of the building

Test task number 38

Family Ivanov three years ago bought land for 12 000 CU Construction of the house there were then 45 000 CU Currently similar homes with similar sites in the area are selling an average of 70,000 CU, and free (vacant) sites for 18,000 CU Determine the market value of the house with a plot Ivanov family

Test task number 48

Comparable object was sold for 100 million CU There are five main differences from the estimated object:

Unlike Characteristics Correction

1 gives 5%

2 exceeds 7%

3 exceeds 6%

4 yields 3%

5 yields 3.5%

Rate the object, provided that the differences have a reciprocal influence

Test task number 50

Calculate the cost of a 3-room apartment by comparing sales with the introduction of corrective amendments on a cumulative basis, and considering that the closest to the object of evaluation is an analogue of A and B.

Test task number 77

The property bought for 2 000 000 CU under the following conditions:

- Borrowed funds - 1 400 000 CU, 11%, 25 years old.

- Potential gross income (PVD) - 350 000 CU

- Under-utilization ratio - 10% of LDPE.

- Operating expenses - 40% of the DVD (deystvit.valovoy income).

Determine the total leverage ratio

Test task number 131

The property purchased for $ 40 000. US. Contract hire-purchase is concluded for 10 years. The rent is paid at the end of each year in the amount of $ 5000. US. At the end of the tenth year, the object is purchased for $ 40 000. US. Calculate the net present value of about project (NPV) at a discount rate - 10% per annum.
SD.07 practice of valuation of real estate

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