Frostpunk: Complete Collection (PS4/PS5/RUS) Offline

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We give you the opportunity to download the game to your console so that you can play from your profile while the Internet is turned off on the console.



You can only play offline, and as soon as you turn on the Internet on the console, a lock will appear on the game and you won’t be able to play.

Therefore, turn on the Internet only when you pass or play enough of the game.

Before buying, carefully read the instructions, conditions and product description.

Console - PS4/PS5

Country Turkey

Account games:

Frostpunk: Complete Collection

Instructions for use:

We perform all actions immediately strictly from our console. If you go to the Sony website, you will no longer be able to use your account!

1. Create a new user by turning on the set-top box or by long pressing the ""PS"" button;

2. Next, enter the login and password for the purchased account.

3. Press the "Login" button. Then the console will prompt you to activate your console on this account, click "Activate";

4. Enter the Library-purchased, it is located at the end of the list of games on the main menu. A list of content will open, download everything that interests you;

5. After adding games to the download, hold down the "PS" button and select "Log out PS4", thereby you log out of the user with the purchased account;

6. Go to your user and after completing all the downloads, check if all the games start.

7. After checking the performance of the games, inform us in the correspondence, on the page for receiving the goods, that everything has been done. Attention, by default we give no more than 24 hours for loading.

8. Turn off the Internet on the set-top box (Settings-Network-Uncheck ""Connect to the Internet"")

9. We play a game on our account.

10. After you have played enough, turn on the Internet and delete the purchased one from your account (settings-users-delete, then find it in the list (usually the latest one) and click delete).