(FORTNITE) Crew (Battle Pass + 1000 V-Bucks) - 1 Month

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Description (FORTNITE) Crew (Battle Pass + 1000 V-Bucks) - 1 Month

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⏩ This is a monthly fortnite subscription activation service for your account that gives users monthly rewards (Vbucks, skins and a pass). Activation will require login details to your XBOX account, it is important to note that even if you do not have an XBOX, we can get this subscription on any platform you are interested in.
Don't worry if you don't understand something, our support agents will gladly explain everything to you.
🔶 By purchasing this subscription from us, you can receive VBAX, Unique Items and Battle Pass every month.🔶 What is included in the subscription:
- Battle Pass of the current season
- Crew Pack exclusive to Fortnite Crew (worth at least 1500 V-bucks).
- 1000 V-bucks every month!
************************** ********************************
Title: Fortnite Crew
Product Type: Service
Activation: XBOX (But subject to certain requirements, a subscription can be obtained on any other platforms)
Gaming platforms: PC, XBOX, PS4, Nintendo
Validity: Unlimited
Warranty: Yes
******************************************************* ******
⭐️ The reliability of your purchase is guaranteed by OUR STORE.
We are the largest store on the zaplaty.com trading platform with more than 3 years of experience. We are in the top 13 zaplaty.com sellers.
📈 Our store has made over 50,000 sales on zaplaty.com, 5,000 of them with positive reviews and only 16 negative reviews. Also, not a little important indicator is our BUSINESS LEVEL OF WEBMONEY (BLR) - 260 units, which is an indicator of webmoney activity.
🕑 Our store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Support responds to messages from "CHAT" and messages from "CORRESPONDENCE WITH SELLER" as they arrive.
💎 How do I get a SUBSCRIPTION to my XBOX account?
1. Provide the seller with your XBOX account login details.
2. Wait
🔶How to get a SUBSCRIPTION on PC, PSN, Nintendo?
1. Create an XBOX account, link it to your Epic Game account (done on the epic game website in the CONNECTIONS section), if you need other platforms, connect them.
2. Next, after we add VBAKS to your XBOX account, you need to go to fortnite through xbox and buy the ITEMS you need, after which they will appear on related platforms.
🔨Product activation (use) instruction:
1. Provide the UNIQUE CODE to the seller in the section "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" or by any contact information of the seller.
2. Wait for further instructions from the seller.

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  • Продавец отличный , все сделали за час , все сделал по инструкции , большое спасибо , щас по другому в форнайте ничего не купишь
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  • До последнего скептически относился к такому способу покупки, так как первый раз покупаю на этой площадке. Думал что тут обманут, или по каким либо причинам не смогут выполнить заказ. Но как оказалось я зря волновался, подписка, боевой пропуск, всё что входило в товар оказалось у меня на аккаунте, это заняло какое-то время, но я считаю что грех на это жаловаться, учитывая многочисленные запреты для России. Продавца крайне рекомендую, вы не разочаруетесь. Спасибо ещё раз!
  • Как всегда, всё - супер! Лучший продавец!