Forging in SolidWorks. Hammered gates from A to Z

This comprehensive lesson lasting 87 minutes, we will consider a stepwise algorithm simulation wrought iron gate. Let us learn on a real example to use the TOP method of assembly DOWN to create layout and control designs, combine different ways of modeling in the SolidWorks, prescribe properties details for the specification, edit the specification ... Also, you are waiting for a nice bonus: In addition, we consider the process of modeling a cast peaks, learn how to create your table properties using the property Tab Builder. All this in a detailed tutorial!
lesson Plan

Introduction. Formulation of the problem
Creating a layout sketch (marker)
Simulation of the first parts (top to bottom)
Assigning properties to specify the details (length, width, thickness, finish, material ...)
Adding a layout sketch for filling the gate
Combined simulation
Decor Simulation: a connector and a peak
Adding fast interfaces (in one click into place three). NEW!
Check the layout sketch performance
Mirror Components
Creation of a global gate assembly with pillars
The addition of loops in the assembly
Modeling feigned plank
Create drawings and specifications
Editing specifications
Results and Tips
BONUS 1: Lesson №61. Creating your own properties using the utility Property Tab Builder
BONUS 2: lesson models, tables, templates and properties of parts formatki sheets of A4, A3, A2, A1, GOST