Examination of the global economy (Option 10)


1. Developed countries and their role in the global economy

2. Currency relations, the foreign exchange market, its participants, the functions of the currency market, the nominal exchange rate, the types of quotations and transactions in the foreign exchange market

Objective 1

Task 2


List of references

Objective 1

Spot - A rate equal to 1, 7075 dollars, the 90-day forward rate - 1, 7087 dollars.

Spot exchange rate is 0.3124 in US dollars, a 90-day forward rate - 0, 3111 US dollars.

Determine the 90 - day premium or discount rates for A and B.

Task 2

A small country imports goods X. The world price of this product is 10. domestic supply curve of X in the country is determined by the equation S = 50 + 5P, and the equation of the demand curve has the form: Q = 400-10R. Suppose that the country has introduced a specific tariff of $ 5 per unit of product X. Calculate the impact of customs tariff: