Examination №1 in style

Examination №1.

I. Setting Specify speech errors, pay special attention to any kantselyarizmy, clichés. Give options for editing suggestions (write unedited version, speech errors, and an edited version of a three-column).

I. Forty years of work in our workplace in office Plumber Viktor Bogomolov. 2. thoughts for improvements in the company came to the Director Ermilov IN 3. The city is not a single public facilities, it was one and the other covered. 4. The workers of our offices and after its separation and independence are working below their capacity. 5. When the boys I.V.Timofeeva able to show what they can do? After all, this year barley cleaning debris, but with a full queen removed the extremely low yield of the desired 6.Rukovodstvo cling initiative liter for deciding on the object sticking class specialists. 7. All the obvious need for highlighting the implementation of measures to improve product quality. 8. The Council tenants of our co-op decided to build a playground that has great importance in the share of education of the younger generation. 9. Over the past decade, has expanded the scope of our knowledge of the shallow sedimentation, and water depth in the study all decreased. 10. Like all noble teal ducks molt occurs twice.

Task 2. Specify the error in the use of phraseology, give options for editing suggestions (write unedited version, speech errors, and an edited version of a three-column)

I. Our factory marriage - a frequent visitor, but executives look at everything with his eyes closed. 2. joyful and happy graduates sang goodbye his swan song. 3. These caring parents children sleep on some boxes they use for. 4. European champion first pancake turned out lumpy, he could not find a common language with banana Mustang I took the initial height. 5. Before scientists today opened a plenty of scientific research, 6. After arrival sister lives with us

I started to beat the other key. 7. The teacher must know what lies the success of his work, and each pet to notice him alone inherent flavor.

Task 3. Agree to determine the gender and number and predicate dedicated nouns, explaining the choice of grammatical form.

I. Mo ... impresarios insist ... to for a concert piano brought new ... 2. At the entrance she left its small ... ... clogs. 3. Pale green trees stretches over the ridges of the overseas ... kohlrabi - a special kind of cabbage. 4. It is not every day you have to sit in a young society ... and in their pretty ... chimpanzees. Sting at ... small .. tsetse very dangerous.

Task 4. Record numbers words, using numerals in the correct case form (edit proposals that the combination of quantitative and built correctly).

I. Prior to the exam there are only 1.5 months of training. 2. Our library has 3485 books. 3. All 17 1.2 - kilometer distance we have come in 4.5 hours. 4. In comparison with 2146 difficult in respect of spelling words included in the dictionary, the other submitted to the lungs. 5. brochure published 21,000th edition. 6. lethargy lasted 34 days.

Task 5. In these proposals, find and correct the morphological and stylistic errors (recorded in three columns).

I. journalists write about each indebted to the mother 2. The forum acted as second prize laureate Mitsuko Uhida. 3. Stuffed labels selective bumps Potapov dropped it from the top of the mighty cedars. 4.Etot appeal and currently valid. 5. incentive fund allows more flexible approach to the art. 6. The living conditions in the village was more preferable than the logging enterprise. 7. Then moonlighting allowed, as long as the amount does not exceed three hundred rubles. 8 Double-edged sword, and his executioners beat both. 9. By 15 December, the work will be performed. 10. Prepares debate on the theme: "Leisure teenager and how to kill." 11. The whole generation for whom war - history. 12. We should not forget that the mole ugnezdyaetsya instantly, 13. In the case of irritation of the nose to caress her 2% solution of soda. 14. Forest broke the silence at times plucked from the tall pines snowballs. 15. B these years the writer said that already began to write a second blog. 1B. To meet high water bilge preparing tools and other mechanisms.

Task 6. Download all the following proposals "to correct mistakes and explain the nature of each stylistic shortcomings.

I. acute problems of insufficient providing citizens with vegetables, fruits, berries and fruit, and flower development, a favorable time of the preservation and promotion of health in the family especially children, 2 to take first place in a side tournament, the young player was invited to the main event. 3, features the chorus of constant repetition groups of words. 4. We have before us a new interesting toy factory for children from plastic. 5 Value graphite is visible from the fact that despite the fact that the graphite among scientists engaged enough, he hit himself in the production of blowing himself. 6. Fisher was pleased with their catch: some ruff, pike - and in just one hour a day, and the man doubted whether a good catch. 7. The list of offenses committed by persons in this category, added in one day twenty-three more cases. 8. A number of the participants declared that breaks even

interests and not allow ourselves to be drawn in any Coordination Council, discussion, question than anticipated agenda.

Task 7. Specify speech errors and stylistic flaws in the article from the newspaper. Edit the text (recorded in three columns).

The new restaurant welcomes guests warmly.

In the restaurant of our young city "hospitable" in the new luxury hotel "Russian" open three given. Each planned its own way, but united by their fashionable finish and design: the soft milky-white walls, wrought of black metal lattice patterned, artistic wall hangings, and brazen performed on specialized order. Giant rugs, each "edition" in one copy, reproduce paintings of ancient Russia, all the interior accessories are made defect free, on a high artistic level.

It has its own color and the fourth, a banquet hall, prepared for family celebrations, banquets and friendly matches. The walls are lined with pink tufa, produced in Armenia. The original lamp is designed as a floating boat, which recorded a chain of candles made of colored porcelain. No audio is different, each is unique, one of a kind.

New Restaurant warmly invites guests to taste Russian specialties and relax in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.