Environment personality, ecology culture etnoekologiya otno

TASK №1. - 5

Question № 1. Environmental identity, ecology culture etnoekologiya include:

1) to the general ecology;

2) to the social ecology;

3) to Applied Ecology;

4) to synecology;

5) to the Anthropology.

Question № 2. autecology studies:

1) animals and ecology of organisms;

2) the possibility of modeling biological processes;

3) the adaptation of organisms to different geographical environment;

4) the ecology of populations;

5) mechanisms of adaptation to changing environmental conditions.

Question № 3. Industrial Ecology - is one of the areas:

1) Applied Ecology;

2) geo-ecology;

3) population ecology;

4) Anthropology;

5) autecology.

Question № 4. The term "ecology" suggested:

1) Aristotle;

2) Ernst Haeckel;

3) Charles Darwin;

4) VI Vernadsky;

5) J. Lamarck.

Question № 5. Ecology - the science that studies:

1) the impact of pollution on the environment;

2) the effects of pollution on human health;

3) the impact of human activity on the environment;

4) relationships of organisms with their environment habitat (including the variety of relationships with other organisms and communities);

5) the collection of natural-natural features of the existence of organisms.

JOB №2. - 5

Question № 1. The most significant feature is the biosphere:

1) biogenic migration of atoms of chemical elements, called the radiant energy of the sun and is manifested in the process of metabolism, growth and reproduction of organisms;

2) the ability to operate endlessly without sharp changes in the structure and functions;

3) balance of natural or modified human habitat-forming components and natural processes that lead to the continued existence of the ecosystem;

4) the ability to regenerate and self-regulate;

5) a combination of the natural habitat-forming components and impacts.

Question № 2. Stage of development of the biosphere as a reasonable human activity becomes the main (determining) factor in the development of our planet, is called:

1) technosphere;

2) Entre
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