EAPTEKA keyword database | 1 095,371 phrases

The best for you.

Let me explain for newbies:

People enter these phrases into Yandex search right now in real time, so you will have the latest and most relevant information in your hands that people are looking for.

An example of what you will receive:


Top Yandex.

The database contains 1,095,371 key queries for which the website eapteka.ru is ranked

Contains data such as:

-Exact frequency "!" Yandex wordstat Russia

-Current position for the keyword in Yandex

-Level of competition

The database will be useful because it will tell you which keywords are in demand on the website eapteka.ru

Next, you can, for example, expand the semantics of a specific popular keyword in order to collect the vast majority of key queries in the niche.