Cricket 22 Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S activation

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❗ You receive a unique code that you need to IMMEDIATELY inform the seller in personal correspondence on the OPLATA.INFO website, as well as PROVIDE YOUR LOGIN (MAIL) AND PASSWORD from your XBOX account in a chat with the seller.

You pay for the purchase of an Xbox One game | Series S|X directly to your xbox account, it's not a key!
The game is tied to your xbox profile and will only be available to you! You can download it, delete it at any time, run it in any region, no restrictions on use!

Important: the purchase of the game takes place in manual mode, it is possible to wait from 5 minutes to several hours

DID NOT FIND The game or add-on you need on the site?

- Write to me and I will purchase any game on xbox one especially for you| xbox series from the microsoft store! Options are available both with the purchase directly to the account, and the keys.

If you encounter any difficulties when receiving the game, write to the chat with the seller

Draw your attention to:
-All products in our store are purchased legally, when you use it, you get the same version of the game as in the xbox store on the console
-Refunds are not made for reasons: "I didn't like the game", "Changed my mind", "I didn't read the description", etc.

(the game will be installed on your account, from 5 minutes to 1 hour depending on the workload)
❗Frequently Asked Questions:❗
1) What is the option with the transfer of account data, why transfer them?
Answer: You can buy games directly to your account from more countries, often there are lower prices than when buying keys. We are ready to issue you a game directly to your profile at the lowest price from these regions.
If you need a key, and not a purchase for an account with data transfer, please contact us.
2) Can my account be blocked? Is it legal?
Answer: No, games are bought legally, a ban is not possible, Microsoft policy allows you to run games from any region! You will not have any restrictions when using the game
3) Why does the game not appear instantly on the account?
answer: Games are bought in manual mode, with a low load, the purchase takes 5 minutes.