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⏩ The Perpetual Testing Program has been expanded: create collaborative puzzles for yourself and friends! In Portal 2, you'll discover the innovative gameplay, story and music that helped the original win over 70 awards in the gaming industry and become a cult classic.
👾 Assemble a squad and return to the Forgotten Realms. You will find a story about friendship and betrayal, survival and self-sacrifice, about the sweet call of absolute power.

Your brain has become a container for an illithid larva, and it awakens mysterious, frightening abilities in you. Resist the parasite and turn the darkness against itself - or recklessly surrender to evil and become its embodiment.

🎮 Meet the next generation RPG from the creators of Divinity: Original Sin 2 in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.


💥 Play as a hero with a detailed story or choose from a variety of D&D races and classes. Fight, win hearts, pick pockets, and seek your own adventure in the Forgotten Realms and beyond. Play solo by carefully choosing your companions, or with friends online in up to four player co-op.

💥 Having lost your home, friends, even your future, you turn into a monster, but along with the darkness inside you, your strength grows. She will help you survive, but everything has its price. And who knows - maybe your main strength will not be spells and skills, but the bonds of brotherhood between comrades in arms? Drawn against your will into a war between gods, devils and sinister otherworldly forces, you - all together - will determine the fate of the Forgotten Realms.

💥 Built on the new Divinity 4.0 engine, Baldur's Gate 3 gives you unparalleled freedom of action: explore, experiment, interact with a world that truly reacts to your actions and decisions. And the epic storyline of Larian's largest work to date will help you connect with your characters like never before as you discover a vast world.

💥 The Forgotten Realms is a huge, detailed and diverse world, almost every inch of which is full of secrets: verticality is not a luxury here, but an integral part of the adventure. Sneak in the shadows, swim in pools, push objects, jump and climb everything from the depths of the Underdark to the glittering rooftops of the Upper City. How you will survive and what mark you will leave behind in this world is up to you.
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Feedbacks about 🔥BALDUR'S GATE 3🔥 24/7 STEAM GIFT 🚀 RU/KZ/CIS/UAH 470

  • 3 hours ago

    Были небольшие проблемы, но в итоге продавец всё исправил)

  • 4 hours ago

    Всё супер, пришло почти мгновенно.

  • 6 hours ago

    После оплаты примите заявку в друзья от нашего бота не пришло

  • 9 hours ago

    1 минута и игра у меня! Всё быстро и понятно! Спасибо продавцу!

  • 11 hours ago

    После оплаты покупки, не приходит запрос в друзья в steam от бота который должен подарить игру. Продавец пишет что должен прийти запрос, но ничего не происходит. Прошу вернуть деньги за игру, так как пополнил кошелек steam самостоятельно.

  • 19 hours ago

    Игра пришла, все супер

  • 1 day ago

    Быстро пришло, игра в библиотеке, спасибо!

  • 1 day ago


  • 1 day ago

    Все быстро и четко!

  • 1 day ago

    Возникли небольшие трудности, но оперативно решили спасибо продавцу и поддержке,РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!

  • 3 days ago

    Пришло быстро и без каких-либо проблем

  • 3 days ago

    Продавец помог с возникшей проблемой. Все пришло

  • 3 days ago

    Спасибо! Все пришло быстро)

  • 3 days ago

    Все классно, спасибо продавцу!

  • 3 days ago

    Все отлично, все быстро пришло