Auto top up💎 FAST💎Replenishment Steam✅RU,KZ...

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Description Auto top up💎 FAST💎Replenishment Steam✅RU,KZ...

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ATTENTION! REPLENISHMENT HAPPENS IN AUTOMATIC MODE! You can buy when offline, yet the bot works!
🕚 Standard balance crediting time: 1-2 minutes

Regions China, Turkey, the Netherlands, USA, Poland, Argentina, Denmark do not replenish!
Accounts with region Europe can not top up!

We do not support all countries, write to the chat to find out if it is possible or not!!!
If the country is not supported, there will be a refund without taking into account the commission!
We replenish Kazakhstan, there will be a conversion at the rate of STIM!

We replenish the Crimea, LPR and DPR, for this you will need to close the client on the PC and turn off the mobile Internet on your smartphone or transfer it to airplane mode, turn on vpn COUNTRY Russia, it is important that it is RUSSIA. Start the client and wait a few minutes.
There is a way Without vpn, after the purchase, write in the chat, they will prompt

✅ After payment, you will be redirected to our website, and the order is AUTOMATICALLY sent for processing. THEREFORE, TRY TO SPECIFY NICK CORRECTLY✅

►In case of successful payment for an incorrectly specified login, the payment is not returned, because it is written in the additional condition - SPECIFY THE LOGIN, we do not accept claims in such cases, the service is provided in full

If you have an account that has never been replenished (new), then we do not recommend buying a replenishment for a large amount, steam can change the region for you, why this happens - we don’t know, for some clients with such accounts the region remains Russia, for others it most likely changes depends on the registration method, either a purchasable account or not. If you have not replenished your account in rubles before, the currency may change to USD

There is a limit on the maximum replenishment of the Steam balance in 24 hours - it is equal to $500 (ATTENTION: the restriction applies to all methods of replenishment. If you have already replenished your Steam in the amount of $500 somewhere, our replenishment may not go through due to the limit, be careful!). You can try to exceed this limit, but at your own peril and risk - in case of loss of funds, we will not be able to provide a refund

Buying a balance is carried out in 3 simple steps, and for this you need to:
✅ 1. Specify the required amount of balance (you will receive exactly as much as you specify);
✅ 2. Make a payment
✅ 3. Wait for enrollment
✅ 4. If the money is not received for a long time, write to technical support!

Q: How to write to technical support?
A: Go to the mail (which was indicated during payment) find the letter =>
► An error of up to 0.5 rubles from the payment is allowed, replenish by 1 rub more than the amount you need
Q: I received a balance greater than or less than the specified amount
A: For replenishment, the system converts funds into another currency, which is why errors of 1% in both directions are possible

Q: What is "Login"?
A: Login is what you enter when you log in to your Steam account. Please do not confuse Nickname and Login. You can change your nickname at any time, but there is no Login, it is set during registration for the life of your account.
Q: I entered the wrong username, what should I do?
A: Immediately contact the "Technical support" and specify the correct login of the account that needs to be replenished

Additional information

✅ How to write to technical support?
Go to the mail (which was indicated during payment) find the letter =>✅

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