💳 10$ VISA Virtual Card | ALL SHOPS 🔥

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Description 💳 10$ VISA Virtual Card | ALL SHOPS 🔥

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💳 VISA VIRTUAL (US BANK) with $10 balance

🔥 When you make a purchase you automatically get the card details: unique hexadecimal card number, CVV2 code and expiration date.

🏦 The card balance can be recharged through support

🌏 Any online shopping. No restrictions

✌️ Special discounts for regular customers up to 15% for recharging the card!

⏱ Card is valid for 30 days from the moment of sale, can be prolonged with additional payment

🧑💻 I'm always around to help you with questions

📲 Attention! 3D Secure is not connected to the card, no confirmation or sms with the code when you make transactions on the card is NOT required!

🇺🇸 This card is issued by AMERICAN BANK (USA). The card is primarily oriented to US merchants, as well as other services that have transactions through the US (check this with your service in advance). There is no guarantee that it can be used by services outside of the USA.

Additional information

- For payments you need to use USA IP, use any VPN
- At the moment of payment, use a real U.S. address, by opening Google Maps
- Use your own Latin letters for your card name
- Be careful, make payment in US Dollars.
- Make sure that you specify U.S.A. as your country in your account settings. If you specify another country, change it to USA. If this is not possible, we recommend that you create a new account with a US address.
- Use addresses in tax-exempt states such as Delaware and Montana to avoid adding to your total charges.
- If the store will not accept the card, think about another store for payment in advance
- Have a $1 credit on your card in case the site authorizes the payment

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